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With residential buildings it can happen that load-bearing or dividing walls crack or the floors sink. The various resin injection technologies were developed to address these problems. They have proven themselves to be quick, modern, non-intrusive solutions.

Our group of companies has great of experience with building subsidence. We have completed over 1,000 resin based ground stabilization projects in Europe. There is no problem type we haven’t encountered. We know what kinds of problems exist and what kinds of solutions can be applied. Turn to us with confidence.

Typical TOPINJECT solutions

Load bearing wall stabilization
Typical corner subsidence at a family house
Typical corner subsidence
at a family house

Load bearing wall subsidence is a common problem occurring at residential buildings. Often the problem is limited to a section of wall or a corner. The cause of building subsidence can be a broken water pipe, incorrect water diversion, faulty planning or execution, wrong foundation type or other causes. The TOPINJECT method can offer a reliable solution. The method works by injecting a resin into the subsoil below the foundations, thereby stabilizing the subsoil to prevent further subsidence. In most cases a soil compactness testing is necessary in order to determine were the injection zones will be. We can perform the injections down to 7 meters in depth, therefore almost all cases can be handled by TOPINJECT. In most cases the work is performed from the outside of the building.

Before injection
Before injection
After injection
After injection
Re-leveling of floors

Reinforced and non-reinforced concrete floors built on loose fill can be re-leveled by TOPINJECT. We drill a raster of holes through the floor spaced about 1-1.5 meters apart, and inject a special resin, which fills the voids and lifts the floor to nearly the original level. If floor heating pipes are present, a heat sensitive camera can be used to determine the position of the pipes and avoid drilling through them before injection. We perform the injections through small diameter holes. Since the materials and machinery remain in our truck we only need to take the injection hoses and hand equipment into the dwelling. A typical family house floor can be lifted by injection in a few hours or at most a day, in the mean time the furnishing do not need to be removed from the site.

Re-leveling and stabilization of dividing walls
Subsidence of floor and dividing wall
Subsidence of floor
and dividing wall

It is not necessary to tear down and rebuild sunken dividing walls. If the dividing wall is constructed on the slab, then the dividing wall can be re-lifted with TOPINJECT, by injecting next to the wall and lifting the floor until the sunken portion of the wall is near the original level. If the dividing wall has a separate foundation then it is possible to stabilize the soil under the foundation. This way the state of the wall remains fixed. It is possible to stabilize several meters of soil under a dividing wall, without causing damage to the floor. Excavation is not necessary.

Advantages of the TOPINJECT technology:
Injection of an apartment building foundation
Injection of
apartment building foundation

Site visit
Soil examination
Soil examination
Boring of foundation
Boring of foundation
Injection of URETEK
TOPINJECT in action

With our firm you have found a reliable partner for your projects. Turn to us with confidence!

On these pages we have introduced the technologies. If you would like know more about the methods, or would like a quotation, please choose from the following possibilities.

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