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Large international and domestic firms as well as institutions have sought our company group with special problems. We have completed a number of atypical projects over 15 years. Sometimes it is important that the work be performed at night or during special time periods. For example on public roads and railroads, restraining or diverting traffic would cause turmoil that is unacceptable to our customer. Our company group is always ready do the job according to the time frame set by the customer. We have worked on public roads, railroads, tramways, drilling towers, natural gas infrastructure and an airport. We can modify our schedule according to the customer's need, so the traffic diversion is minimal. We are ready take on projects with special time requirements. We do not know impossibilities!

A few examples of special TOPINJECT projects

Railroad overhead line pillar
Railroad overhead line pillar
High voltage power line pillars
The technology is suitable for stabilizing the subsoils for all kinds of supporting pillars without excavation. If necessary the pillars can tilted back to position by the injections and additional equipment. The execution is quick and efficient, even at high traffic locations. We have stabilized and righted many high voltage railroad power line pillars - even while they were under power - and it was not necessary to modify the train schedules. The cost efficiency of such a technical solution involving injections is excellent, since the incidental costs are greatly reduced.


Foundation stabilization of
a natural gas exploration drilling tower

In can happen with oil and natural gas exploration towers that during drilling operations the subsoil loosens due to the significant dynamic loading. Then the tower's stability is reduced and the tower begins to tilt. The halting of drilling, disassembly of the tower and re-erecting on stable foundations is a huge expense in the oil industry. We have successfully stabilized a 1,000 ton drilling tower. The drilling was already several thousand meters deep when one side of the tower begin to tilt significantly. The drilling was stopped and traditional methods were used in an attempt to upright the tower, but the subsoil proved to be unstable, which led to a catastrophic subsidence. Our company group was called in to inject. Our team successfully stabilized the tower in 8 days in -12 C degree cold. At one section several centimeters of lifting was achieved. The stabilized subsoil allowed the traditional methods to be used to lift the tower more than 10 cm. The use of resin injections meant that the tower did not have to be disassembled and reassembled at another location, which saved millions of dollars for the exploration company.

Time dependent jobs

For certain kinds of work it is important that the job be done at special times during the day. For example for road work, traffic limitation or diversions could cause major disturbances which could be unacceptable by the customer. Our company group is always ready to perform such work according to the time allotment determined by the ordering customer. For example at airports it is generally better to work from midnight to 4 A.M., with the condition that if an airplane has to land, we should be able to get our equipment off the runway in 10 minutes. Our firm is ready to perform such especially time dependent jobs.

Floor after lifting
Floor after lifting
Special floor structures

Often we encounters specialty slabs. For example ice hockey rinks or factory floors which contain heating, cooling or material supply pipes. In these cases the TOPINJECT method represents multiple savings to the customer compared with the traditional methods. After proper inspection we can perform the injections in such a way that the floors do not need to be excavated. The injections take a lot less time then the traditional methods. Therefore months of implementation time can be saved often, at the same time the use of the premises is only slightly constrained.

Advantages of the TOPINJECT technology:

Soil densification of
a machine foundation

Injection under a tank

With our firm you have found a reliable partner for your projects. Turn to us with confidence!

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