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The TOPINJECT Ground Stabilization technology is used to stabilize soils under foundations and slabs. The TOPINJECT technology is capable of stabilizing subsoils and filling voids to many meters of depth without having to wreck the foundation or any part of it and without major excavations. The stabilization of the sunken structure is controlled throughout the injection process.

Boring of foundation in preparation for the injection pipe
Drilling of foundation
in preparation for injection
Application areas of TOPINJECT Ground Stabilization technology:

Frequently the cause of building subsidence can be traced to subsoil problems.

The soil compactness grows considerably due to the injections
Due to injections the soil's
load bearing increases
Frequent causes of reduced subsoil conditions:
Other reasons injection might be required:

Description of the TOPINJECT Ground Stabilization technology

The purpose of the TOPINJECT Ground Stabilization technology is not to lift the structure, but to stabilize the deeper soil layers. The process can be used from directly under the structure to 7 m of depth. In specialized cases even deeper layers can be handled.

Once the resin has been injected into the ground it begins to expand in all directions like the roots of tree. Naturally this expansion is greater in the direction of less resistance - more material penetrates there. Therefore the weaker soils are automatically stabilized first and only thereafter the more compacted soils - less material penetrates there. This feature of the technology guarantees that every void is filled and every weak soil zone is stabilized.

The stabilizing effect of the resin expansion is measurable in close proximity regions (soil dependent 70-150 cm), even where the resin is not physically present. When the solidity of the soil is enough to support the pressure from the building, then the expansion of the resin will lift the structure by a small amount (0.1 - 0.3 mm). This reaction is measurable at every injection point and assures the the injection was successful. We measure the lifting of the structure with an instrument during the injections.

Contrary to traditional methods, the TOPINJECT injections do not require any part of building to be wrecked or excavation ditches to be created. Therefore we can work safely. In many cases only the sidewalk or floors are drilled through. The TOPINJECT technology is many times faster then traditional methods. In general, weeks or months can be saved with this method.

In order to plan the injection - to determine the injection zones, a dynamic soil compactness test is needed in most cases. In more complicated cases a full geotechnical and structural report will be required for the planning.

In almost all cases we prepare the injection holes with hand tools. Therefore the method can be use in hard to access basements and pits also. The bore holes prepared at a distance of 1-2 meters do not weaken the structure in a measurable way, because in most cases the bore holes are 16-40 mm in diameter and normally the rebars are not cut. The injection is executed through thin pipes in layers, up to the planned depth. The whole technology is a closed system.

The technology can be used in almost all types of soils. However the application has some limitations for soils where the organic content is significant or where expansive clays are present. When the structure is greatly damaged, repairing the structural integrity may be necessary also. When the damage is caused by the the soil sliding in a horizontal direction, the intervention has to be planned with care. Normally in these cases the TOPINJECT injections have to be done along with other stabilizing interventions, with mutual technical supervision.

The resins used have a high compressive strength, which adjust to the surrounding requirements. The resins are water resistant and do not absorb water and do not diminish due to the elements naturally found in the soil. The TOPINJECT Ground Stabilization method can be applied for every type of foundation and building type, from family dwelling to large industrial plants. Massive buildings like historical monuments, apartment buildings and churches do not represent an obstacle to the technology.

Winter work is routine for us
Winter work is routine for us
Advantages of the TOPINJECT Ground Stabilization technology:
Soil examination
Soil examination
Boring of foundation
Boring of foundation
Injection of resin
Injection of resin

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